• Embracing Change: Support for Successfully Changing Careers

    Are you looking to make a major career move? Or maybe you want to explore other careers, but aren't sure what industry to explore? Maybe you’ve bee...
  • First Impressions Matter: Creating an Inviting Office Space

    Through COVID, and for us, even before COVID, we were working from our homes. While we had separate office areas in our homes, it was fairly common...
  • Finding Harmony: Tips for Achieving a Better Work-Life Balance

    In today's fast-paced and demanding world, finding a balance between work and personal/home life can be challenging. Many people find themselves ca...
  • Keeping it Fresh Since 2017

    Have you ever fallen so deeply in love with a product, feeling like it was indispensable and you couldn’t imagine living without it?  Well this hap...
  • Breaking the Flow: Navigating Interruptions in the Workplace

    Interruptions are a common occurrence in the workplace and they can range from a quick chat with a colleague to a major crisis that demands immedia...
  • The Power of Feedback: Why it matters and how to give it effectively

    Feedback is a crucial component of personal and professional growth, yet it is often overlooked or avoided. Let’s be honest, giving and receiving feedback can be intimidating.

    When we give feedback, whether it be positive or negative, it can provide the recipient with valuable information that can help improve performance, behaviours, and enhance social connection or affiliation within the workplace.

    When we give and receive feedback effectively, it not only motivates us and helps us learn, it can enhance productivity and help foster a sense of community in the office.

  • Setting Intentions for your Work Week

    In the hustle and bustle of our busy work weeks, it’s not surprising that come Friday, we often feel slightly deflated. But, why do we feel this way? 

    Feeling deflated or worn out by the end of the work week is a common experience for many people, and there are several potential reasons why this may happen.

    As the week goes on, we often accumulate physical and mental fatigue from work, which can gradually wear us down. Work-related stress can accumulate throughout the week, leading to exhaustion or even burnout. Additionally, if your work is monotonous and routine, it can contribute to feelings of boredom and lack of motivation, which may intensify over the course of the week.

    At Willow Oak, one thing we are a really big fan of is setting a positive tone and starting our week off right, which begins by setting intentions for each day.

  • Decluttering Your Business

    Lately, there has been so much talk around how decluttering your homes can create a beautiful space that welcomes creativity, safety and functional...
  • Time Management Best Suited to You

    Time management is not only important for running a business, but in all areas of our lives. However, as business owners and full-time mamas, we understand that finding the time to focus on time management strategies isn’t always at the top of mind.

    This is why we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite strategies on how you can optimize your time so it is best suited to your needs both at work, and in your everyday life.

  • Four Simple Tips to being a Stand Out Candidate

    The interview process can certainly be a grind for candidates and employers these days, and we want to help both parties succeed! 

    Here are some items that help candidates stand out to me as I do the initial phone screen.

  • Meet your Coaches

    Megan and Courtney Hughes are the coaches behind Building Better Basics. Megan and Courtney have a unique history which brought them together to gr...
  • Unconscious Bias: What it Is and How to Manage it

    Unconscious Bias is in all of us - and it’s an incredibly important thing to be aware of.  What is unconscious bias? Well, it comes in many, many f...