• Money Mindset

    Money may seem scary, but in reality it is simply a tool we use to trade for something in exchange. The more we understand about any topic, the more benefits we can receive. Rather than shy away from it, I challenge you to look strongly at your money and set real goals around it. 
  • The “why” behind our Planner and Notepads

    If you haven’t heard the news yet, Willow Oak launched their very own planner and notepads - and we want to tell you everything you need to know ab...
  • Willow Oak’s Values

    We love our values because they feed eachother so seamlessly. By leaning into our community, we immediately open ourselves to more viewpoints and ideas, and are able to engage in fruitful and meaningful conversations that drive us forward.
  • How HR & Finance Fit Together

    There are many opportunities for Finance & HR to come together in businesses of all sizes. Effective partnership between these two functions can truly propel businesses forward through effective and strategic goal setting processes, more balanced support in company growth, and through alleviating administrative burdens from business owners and managers. 
  • Practicing Mindfulness

    There is no shortage of things to think or worry about each day.

    At Willow Oak, we talk a lot about practicing mindfulness, and find that we truly feel the difference in our lives when we take the time to do so. So we wanted to talk about it today – what is it? Why should we do it? And how do we start?

  • Thing to Know Before Hiring Your First Employee

    So you’ve identified that you think you may have a bit too much on your plate and you are ready to bring on some help – congratulations! This is such an exciting time for business owners, but it may also leave you with some questions. Where do I start? What do I need? How can I make sure my employee is set up for success?
  • Tips to Stay on Top of your Bookkeeping

    Are you overwhelmed by your bookkeeping? Feel behind or don’t know where to start? Bookkeeping can be a daunting task if you aren’t 100% clear on what to do, how to do it, or let’s be real, if you just don’t want to do it. We have highlighted our top tips that we believe are what you need to stay on top of your Bookkeeping.
  • Accounting vs. Bookkeeping

    Do you know the difference between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper? While they might seem similar, the work that they do can be quite different. At Willow Oak, we offer both services and find that while many start with a need for a bookkeeper, they eventually come to realize that they need the support of an Accountant as they grow…
  • Start Fresh

    While I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions per se, I do love the feeling of endless opportunity once January 1st hits. I don’t know about you, but I usually start the year promising myself to take care of all of the things that I kept pushing to the side over the course of the year. Learn more on what we have planned…
  • Systems Systems Systems!

    Systems can play a critical role in how we do our business – and there are so many amazing ones out there that help us ensure we’re staying on top of things effectively. While I still thrive with a classic pen-and-paper To-Do list…
  • About Courtney

    Hi! I’m Courtney Hughes! I was born and raised in Ladner BC and still live here with my husband, Dylan, one year old son, Jaxon, and our two cats Benjen Stark and Francine….
  • The Value of Time

    Time is your most valuable asset – it is so important that we do our best to manage it so that we can achieve what we’d like to in a day, and still have room to breathe by the end of it! I’ve spent my entire journey of entrepreneurship strengthening my relationship with time, and I’ve come up with some must-do’s if you’re looking to do the same….