The “why” behind our Planner and Notepads

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Willow Oak launched their very own planner and notepads - and we want to tell you everything you need to know about it. 

This passion project was inspired by combining basically all aspects of my life: running a business consulting firm while raising a family, being pen and paper obsessed, and my love for pretty things.

Why we designed a planner and notepads

No matter my stage of life, from being a student, to working in corporate, to being a business owner, a pen and paper has always been my tried and true method of organization and to-do lists. 

I have tried multiple times to move my organization strategies online through apps, digital calendars, and online notepads, but I find myself coming back to my classic pen and paper time and time again.  And while I do use virtual tools to collaborate effectively with my remote team, I still rely heavily on my trusty planner to keep my life and individual tasks in order. 

Combine the above with a love for the aesthetic of beautiful stationery, and launching a Willow Oak Line felt like a no brainer. 


I’ve tried many planners over the years, and since being an entrepreneur I’ve always felt that there was a missing aspect as it related to planning the management of my business. So, these products were created specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners in mind. We’ve allowed our entrepreneurship experience to create stationery that fellow entrepreneurs can use to maximize their productivity, reflect on their own journeys, and quickly check in on their financial goals. 

Our 2022 Planner

This planner is built to help you plan your week, track your time, and reflect on you and your business. The prompts throughout will leave you feeling organized, lighter, and on top of the many touchpoints and tasks in your business and personal life. Over the past 10 years, I have really come to appreciate how organization and planning are key to feeling at ease, aligned and less scattered. My intention is to support your business with this tool, and that it becomes a staple in your day-to-day. I hope it can provide you with what you need to feel and stay organized and serve as a guide to take a moment each day or month to reflect on and plan all the amazing things you’re up to!


These notepads were designed to help you plan your week and guide you through a financial review of your business. They are valuable tools that can support you and help organize your thoughts, tasks and business' competing priorities. Whether using these notepads in combination with our Willow Oak Planner or on their own, they're a total game changer! Strategic, frequent planning will leave you feeling lighter, more organized and on top of your business and personal life. 

Built with Care

In addition to the thoughtful curation that went into building these planners to support fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners, it was important that the production of this line was responsible and thoughtful. As such, our planners are: 

Locally Designed (BC)

Locally Printed (BC)

Our notepads are made from Recycled Paper

Due to a change to our printing options later in our journey, we were unfortunately unable to print our 2022 planner on recycled paper. We are already researching our options for 2023 in order to make that happen as being environmental friendly means a lot to us.

In addition, 5% of all stationery proceeds will go to a charity that is important to us and reflective of Willow Oak’s values. We have chosen the Indian Residential School Survivor Society for our 2022 product sales.

This was a dream project for us! We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and look forward to hearing about how you use them. 

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