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Have you ever fallen so deeply in love with a product, feeling like it was indispensable and you couldn’t imagine living without it? 

Well this happened to us when we stumbled upon NutMeg Mylk

We were introduced to NutMeg Mylk and founder Megan Wallace back in 2019 when the brand became one of Willow Oak’s first clients. Being plant-based ourselves, we discovered quite quickly how our own values aligned to those of NutMeg Mylk’s. Over the years, the gears began to turn and we started to sense that there was a deeper aspect to this relationship.

Well guess what? We didn’t want to take any chances, so when the business came up for sale we jumped on the opportunity and started our new partnership with Megan as co-owners of NutMeg Mylk.

Nutmeg Mylk Glass Line

But why?

We get asked this question a lot. We both have two young kids, busy lives, and run a successful business consulting firm. So why add a new variable to our plate? 

  1. We have always been drawn to the NutMeg Mylk brand and have loved the products for a long time. 
  2. We love creativity. Having a brand of our own, we can use our creative sides when bringing awareness to Nutmeg Mylk and the passion behind it. Being entrepreneurs and business owners allows us to be creative with everything from product development to packaging to marketing. And while we can’t be experts in all of these things, we get to use our ideas and passion for plant-based lifestyles and high quality food to continue to develop the products, and partner with the right experts to help us bring our new ideas to life.  
  3. We are passionate about business. Nutmeg is a brand whose front-end is beautiful from the marketing, the products, to the brand as a whole. And we just knew we could bring it to another level with our expertise in the backend of business.

When this opportunity presented itself, it seemed like a no brainer.

The whole process was and continues to be an incredible learning opportunity. The food industry is very different from the consulting industry for so many reasons. For one, in consulting, you don’t have to spend time worrying about inventory or ingredient management. It’s mostly a matter of selling your brain which is (generally 🙂) in stock haha.  

Let’s chat a little more about the brand.

Founder Megan Wallace, an on-again, off-again vegetarian has always opted for dairy-free substitutes. However, she consistently found the taste, consistency and ingredients used in store-bought nut milks not to her standards. She began experimenting with different ingredients, flavours, nuts and superfoods. From there, Mylks evolved, and in 2017 NutMeg Mylk was born and has been keeping it fresh ever since.

At NutMeg Mylk, we believe that simple is best. We create incredible-tasting Mylks with clean and healthy plant-based ingredients that place them in a league of their own. All of our Mylks are made with zero gums, fillers, oils or preservatives. Fresh and natural.

Here are a few of our favourite products:

Everyday Mylks

Our Everyday Mylk is perfect for everyday use at a price that meets your everyday needs. These Mylks have an 8-week shelf-life and are available in both a Plain and Vanilla. This Mylk quickly became a staple for Courtney and I. They are great in cereals and smoothies, plus they foam beautifully for a barista-quality coffee!


Nutmeg Mylk Supermylk

Supermylk was designed for those on-the-go and needing a little plant-powered boost. Supermylks are the perfect beverage to keep you satisfied while you're out and about. Thanks to over 300 nuts and seeds per bottle, these babies have 10g of protein and only 4g of sugar -  making them perfect for after a workout or as a quick snack when you're in a rush. 

Our Specialty Glass Line 

True to the values of Nutmeg, our glass line boasts a better environmental impact, delicious flavours, and also brings a slow-living, "taking-a-minute-to-yourself" experience to your everyday. We promise, there is just something about enjoying our mylks from glass. Refreshing, delicious, nutritious. Not only do the bottles look amazing but the Mylk inside is even more delicious! This is where we offer our seasonal specialty flavours - they all are a must-try!

We couldn’t be more excited about this new venture and are happy to finally share it with you all.

Have you had the opportunity to try NutMeg Mylk? We're interested in learning about your thoughts and feedback. Please share your favourite items and experiences with us in the comments section! 

“It all comes back to what you eat, what you drink and what you think.” -Kris Carr

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