Embracing Change: Support for Successfully Changing Careers

Are you looking to make a major career move? Or maybe you want to explore other careers, but aren't sure what industry to explore? Maybe you’ve been off work for a while and are looking to get back into the workforce? Do you just need help in landing your next job? 

After working with and coaching leaders and employees of various levels, I knew that this was something that I wanted to offer our clients. I want people to feel fired up about their career and the path that they are on - and know that with some self-reflection exercises and an accountability partner, this is something that can be achieved. If they are small business owners, I want to work with them to truly understand their leadership style and motivators, so they can show up to the best of their ability for their team members and customers. 

In today’s fast paced world, changing careers is a relatively common practice. Research suggests that the average person may hold around 15 jobs in their lifetime.  Exploring new avenues of employment may come up for various reasons, but where do you start when seeking possible new employment opportunities? It’s scary and intimidating!

Our Career Coaching Services were designed for just that. Whether you're feeling stagnant in your current profession or seeking new challenges, taking the leap into a different career path can be an exhilarating and transformative experience. However, it can also be overwhelming. 

Willow Oak Career Coaching Services

We are here to help you learn how to turn your experiences into resumes that will wow future employers, coach you on nailing your next interview, and/or gaining a better understanding of your strengths so you can be confident in the value you offer future employers.

Careers are a big deal! If you're feeling a little stuck in yours, we'll get clear on your values and strengths, and provide practical tools on deciding what your next career move might be.

Our support ranges from a variety of services, but we’re prepared to help you with any and all of them! Here is just a tidbit of what we have to offer:

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Creation - Creating an impressive resume and LinkedIn profile is crucial for effectively showcasing your skills, experience, and achievements to potential employers and professional connections. 

Interview Preparation & Coaching, including Mock Interviews - Preparation is key to successful interviews. Practice, research, and mock interviews can help you build confidence, improve your responses, and increase your chances of securing the job you desire.

Career Enhancement Support through Coaching - Career enhancement coaching can provide valuable support and guidance in achieving your professional aspirations. Our goal is to help you gain clarity, develop essential skills, build a strong network, and overcome challenges to enhance your career trajectory and achieve long-term success.

Leadership Development Support through Coaching - Leadership development coaching empowers individuals to become effective, authentic, and inspiring leaders. By focusing on self-awareness, skill development, and leveraging strengths, you can unlock your full potential and drive meaningful impact within your organization and beyond.

Are you ready to take the next step towards your next career adventure? We’d love to chat and see how we can support your journey—get in touch!

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” -Winston Churchill

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