Decluttering Your Business

Lately, there has been so much talk around how decluttering your homes can create a beautiful space that welcomes creativity, safety and functionality. (PS. we are big fans of this!)

But what’s not as regularly talked about is the importance of decluttering other areas in your life, like your business.

On average, about 35% of our waking hours are spent at work. So why wouldn’t we want our work space to feel like a more organized and functional environment?

Bingo, we do!

Decluttering refers to the process of removing unnecessary or unwanted items from a space. Seems simple right? However, deciding what to keep and what to let go of when decluttering can be a challenging task. 

Here are some tips to help you determine what goes and what should stay.

Declutter your space

1. Declutter your desk 

Removing clutter from your desk can provide you a space to be creative and allow you room to move. When your desk is cluttered, it can be hard to focus on the task at hand and you may be left feeling distracted and overwhelmed.

Additionally, when your desk is cluttered, you may find yourself shuffling through papers and searching for lost items. By removing unnecessary items and organizing the items you regularly need, you can save time and be more efficient.

Willow Oak Business Consulting Declutter Your Space

2. Declutter your filing cabinet 

There’s a myth that decluttering your filing cabinet will create space for new clients or new projects, and we are here for it!

Decluttering your filing cabinet can have a number of benefits for your business. By getting rid of outdated or irrelevant files, you can create more physical space and make it easier to find the files that you need. This can help you to be more efficient and productive in your work and make a better impression on clients who visit your office.

This will also help create a more functional and efficient workspace that can support your business’s growth and success.

3. Declutter your inbox

Arriving at work to a large number of emails in your inbox can be overwhelming and stressful. We’ve been there too. We are big fans of removing emails that no longer require our space or attention from our inbox.

A great way to do this is to organize your emails by creating folders on the different projects, clients or topics they relate to. This will help keep your inbox more organized, make it easier to find specific messages and keep the emails that need your attention at the top of your inbox. 

Also, we highly recommend unsubscribing your work email from unnecessary email subscriptions that no longer serve you, or provide marketing communications that no longer apply to your business. If you want to stay connected, have these emails redirected to a personal email address. This will help you separate work communications from your personal life.

A clear and organized workspace can help to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Decluttering your spaces frees the mind and soul.

Declutter your calendar

1. Review your meetings / schedules 

Do you have any regular occurring meetings that are no longer providing value? Can you cancel these meetings or schedule them less often? 

Not every conversation requires a meeting. Irrelevant meetings are a common problem in many workplaces. They are often characterized by a lack of clear objectives, poor planning, and a lack of participation or engagement from attendees. Irrelevant meetings can be a significant waste of time and resources, as they often do not result in any meaningful outcomes or actions.

We are constantly seeking a better way to schedule and plan our meetings to better encourage productivity. Some prefer having all of their meetings in one day, whereas others like to limit their meetings to one a day. Find what best suits your work style and needs, review your calendar and unschedule any meetings that no longer add value to your business. For those meetings you plan to proceed with, ensure your meeting has a clear purpose as well as a well defined agenda. This will help ensure that meetings are productive, meaningful and valuable to all involved.

Willow Oak Business Consulting Planners and Notepads

2. Complete the quick tasks

You know those tasks that take 5 minutes but hold a heavy weight on your shoulders? 

Many of us have tasks that seem small but still linger on our to-do lists, causing unnecessary stress and taking up mental space. By scheduling dedicated time to complete these tasks, you can get them done efficiently and free up mental energy to focus on more important tasks. Setting aside at least an hour each week to complete these quick tasks can also help prevent them from accumulating and overwhelming your to-do list.

We love using our Willow Oak Notepads to plan out our week. Strategic, frequent planning helps to leave us feeling lighter, more organized and on top of both our business and personal life.

When it comes to decluttering, find your spark of inspiration, then go declutter! The sooner you begin, the faster you will build motivation and make more space for what best serves you and your business.


“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions”
- Barbara Hemphill


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