Human Resource

People are your biggest investment—but do you feel lost when you are trying to ensure that they’re set up to be as successful as possible? Should you be focusing on employee engagement? Or ensuring that you’re legally compliant? How can you even be sure they’re all working towards the same goals (you know, your company goals)? 

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HR covers a
broad range of topics,

+ we’re prepared to help you with any and all of them!

Required Employee

Recruiting + 

Engaging + Managing Current Employees

Exiting Employees

One-Time HR Programs

Either independently or through our above HR Support programs, you may identify broader HR Programs that would be beneficial to your company, depending on your company size. Some examples may include:

2 - 10 Employees

  • Basic Documentation Requirements
  • Goal Setting
  • Coaching as Needed

10 - 50 Employees

  • Onboarding
  • Performance Reviews
  • Manager Training
  • Ongoing Coaching
  • Employee Engagement
  • Salary Surveys + Comp. Strategies
  • Recruiting Programs
  • Benefits

50 - 100 Employees

  • Robust performance review process
  • Leadership Training
  • Organization Design
  • Change Management
  • Robust Recruiting Programs

100 + Employees

  • Dependent on organization

Team Building & Workshops

Investment: Varies based on project and deliverables

In addition to these packages, we also offer team building & team workshop sessions. All of these programs are offered on a package basis. If your organization is interested in hosting a team building event, reach out and we would be thrilled to help with the planning, facilitation, and management of the event!

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