Extend your Leadership Team

Add an interim CFO and CHRO to your team to elevate your business.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and when you own a business you don’t always have the other brains to bounce ideas off of and work through problems and hold you accountable. 
Whether you need the support on a short-term, long-term, or don’t-really-know-term, you can extend your leadership team.

As two individuals who are passionate about small business, but hold a combined 20 years of corporate finance & HR experience, we want to be your brainstorming/sounding boards for all things business so you can make forward-thinking business decisions confidently and proactively, but also have resources that will support you through the many fires you have to put out day to day.

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How does it work? 

At $150 per hour, we are there to answer any and all of your HR or Finance questions.
You are in control of how much you use us, and we'll provide recommendations on how much support you might need based on your budget and your goals. 

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