Building Better Basics

Rediscover your business with our Building Better Basics design your own coaching package!

We realize that many business owners didn’t start their businesses to manage their financials and HR - but it came with the territory! In addition, we acknowledge that entrepreneurs or small business owners aren’t necessarily all at the same stage, and might need help + coaching for different needs. Finally, we understand that in many cases, people don’t necessarily know what they don’t know. We can help!

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From our work with clients and listening to those in our community, we’ve discovered ten important areas for small businesses and entrepreneurs that may be leaving them feeling stuck or unclear.

We’ve created a private 8 week coaching program

that YOU can design based on your current needs. 

Introducing the

“Building Better Basics” 

design your own coaching package 


  • Six 1-hour strategy sessions on your choice of topic with that topic' Expert
  • Two 1-hour check-in calls with both experts to answer any questions and gain additional clarity
  • Take away activities and journaling topics in between discovery sessions
  • Unlimited email support during the program
Table header 0Choose six topics below that will create your customized coaching package!
Each session with be a 1 hour live call with a Finance or Human Resource Professional. 
01. Vision, Mission, Values
Knowing your vision, mission, and values sets the stage for the direction you want your company to go, how you'll get there, and how you'll do it all while still staying true to yourself and what is important to you. 
02. Business / Accounting System Set up Get your financial systems and processing up and running efficiently. Customize your accounting software specifically for your business to ensure you are getting the most of your system.
03. Basics to BookkeepingFeel confident in maintaining your own books. Learn all you need to know to update your financials, the do and do nots of bookkeeping and creating your monthly check list to stay on top of your finances.
04. Goal Setting
Utilizing the Objective + Key Results method (OKR), we'll talk through your big splashy ideas, and work through how to make them achievable. Templates provided and feedback offered throughout the coaching program. 
05. Hiring Your First Employee Learn the basics of hiring your first employee including required documentation, protecting yourself, and important key policies. In addition, learn about best tips for a smooth onboarding experience and to get employee engagement right out the gate.
06. Understand your Financials & Reports Go beyond just recording your numbers. Find out how to read your financial reports, learn what your numbers are telling you and how to make decisions off those results. 
07. Know How You Lead
Understanding yourself is a key piece in operating your business with confidence, whether or not you have a team reporting to you. The Enneagram is a tool that gets deep in the weeds about the motivators behind what you do. By utilizing it and understanding it, you can understand yourself   * additional $70 for Enneagram report 
08. Financial Planning, Forecast, Pricing
Do you have a specific goal in mind or question about your business? Create a financial plan, forecast or pricing strategy along side a professional to have as a tool moving forward with your business decisions.
09. Money MindsetGet comfortable with numbers and abundance and learn to understand how your relationship with money can improve your business.  
10. Know When to Fire Yourself Brain dump ALL of your responsibilities, build an 'org chart' (even if it's just you!) and understand signs that it's time to consider offloading some of them. Together, we'll do an analysis on how you're spending your time, so you can get a good understanding of what's bringing you value and where you might be better off 'firing yourself', outsourcing something, and being very deliberate about both. 

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