Hi! I'm Megan Hughes,

Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) + full time mama currently living just outside of Vancouver, BC with my husband, Evan and our kids, William and Kennedy. I love all things business related, and enjoy ensuring the back ends of your business are clean and up-to-date. I have an affinity for numbers!

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Why I started Willow Oak? After having our son, I found myself feeling less inspired in the corporate setting despite loving my work. I could see that small business owners could really benefit from curated packages to assist in achieving and exceeding their business and personal goals. I understand that in running a business of any kind, one wears many hats, and if there is one part of it that really sucks the soul out of you, so to speak, it’s the “business” side of things. I’m all about supporting small and keeping it local when possible and felt called to put my expertise and energy in helping small businesses achieve their goals. This is so fulfilling to me and I believe that by alleviating some of the tasks by wearing one (or a few) of the many hats for you, you can focus your attention, time and energy on other matters.

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Hi! I'm Courtney Hughes,

With nearly a decade of HR experience in both corporate and non-profit settings, I'm passionate about unlocking the potential of company's through their people. I am an avid believer that by taking care of your people, they will take care of you, and will work with you to create tailor-made people solutions that truly fit the needs of your business.  

Personally, I live just outside of Vancouver BC with my husband, Dylan, and son, Jaxon.  

A note from Megan - Where did the name "Willow Oak" come from?

The name started out as Willow, which is a play on the name William. My son William, is the inspiration behind taking the leap into entrepreneurship. 

Preparing for this new venture, I looked to the Willow tree for inspiration. To me, it brings spirituality, balance, learning, growth and flexibility. As much as I loved the name, I felt it wasn't complete. The Oak (tree) was added to the name to bring strength, resistance, power and knowledge.

It also wasn't a coincidence that at the time, we knew we wanted to name our next baby Oakley, if we were able. Our son Oakley was born still in 2019 and his twin sister holds the name Oak after her brother as her middle name.

The two, Willow and Oak, balance and support each other by working together. Working as a team to bring individual strengths is the exact philosophy behind Willow Oak Business Consulting. 

We believe in community over competition and that we can all work together to accomplish our dreams.

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To learn more about the services we offer, see Services. Please note that the packages are customizable as no two businesses are alike, and therefore the needs of each one will be unique, and likely to change as time goes on. We will work together to find the right service(s) for you, and can curate a package to suit your needs. Contact us to set up your complimentary consultation.

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