Simple Living

The last four to five years, I’ve been on a self discovery, self care journey. Funny I say that because if someone asked me what I do for my self care, I’m not sure I would be able to give you many answers. 

I get my nails done maybe twice a year? I get my hair done 6 weeks after I probably should? 

So what do I do when I need to take a break? De-stress? 

I clean! I organize! I design our next home project!

I never considered until recently that these are actually my self care rituals. They make me happy. A clean home gives me space to breathe and opens up room for inspiration. As a homebody, I refuel at home. 

One thing that brings these things together to a place where I feel renewed and fresh is to maintain it through simple living. 

I’m now embracing my love to declutter and creating a vision for our home. I feel like simple living also encourages a lifestyle that supports environmentally friendly behaviours and lowers waste in the household which is a part of the lifestyle I’d like to focus and improve on. 

My husband and I sat down and discussed what this means to us.We want to find a balance between minimalism without feeling limited. 

I’m excited to embrace this journey and share what works for us. 

I also know this shouldn’t be my only self care rituals and I’m working more on finding and spending time on those too! 


To even begin talking about decluttering, organizing and dreaming up our home projects, I must acknowledge the privilege this holds. Not everyone has the option to reduce the amount of stuff they have and we recognize how privileged we are to be able to have these choices and opportunities to pick and choose.  

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