Nutmeg Mylk: The E-Book Recipe Collection

Nutmeg Mylk: Recipe Collection E-Book
Nutmeg Mylk: Recipe Collection E-Book

Nutmeg Mylk: Recipe Collection E-Book


In 2023, we took on a new venture by buying a small plant-based mylk company. After a year of intense learning, and feeling the significant constraints that so many small businesses are facing lately, we decided that our heart lived with business consulting, and we decided to discontinue the mylk company to continue to go all in with Willow Oak. 

But we knew Nutmeg was special, and we wanted our loyal customers to be able to enjoy its magic beyond our closure. Which is when we decided to launch an e-book of all of our recipes. 

This e-book is a collection of the very recipes that have become a cherished part of your routine. Crafted with care and fueled by the warmth of your support, each page tells the tale of our commitment to quality, simplicity, and the joy of sipping on something truly special. 

Each recipe has recommendations on how to enjoy these special mylks, but rest assured they are just as delicious savoured on their own. 

As we close a chapter of Nutmeg Mylk, we offer you not just a book but a piece of our history - a taste of the flavours that have coloured our days and yours. May these recipes continue to bring some Nutmeg magic to your homes, reminding you of the incredible community that made it all possible. 

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